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Academic Development

Academic Development

Middle school is a time for academic transition. At DMS, students are transitioning from using concrete thinking to accomplish tasks and are developing more abstract thinking skills. In addition, the level of student responsibility increases, as does the importance of organization. The DMS school counselors are here to help in the areas of academic advisement, organizational assistance, and educational planning. We are also here to direct students where to find help if they are struggling in one or more of their academic classes.

If you are struggling in school, what can you do about it?

First and foremost, if you are struggling in school, the worst thing you can do is avoid the problem. By not seeking out some help, you may get further behind, which will only mean it will take more time to help you get caught up. Trust us: If you are having trouble in school, your teachers already know about it.

The first step is to go and talk to your teacher if they haven't already reached out to you. A good time to do this is in the morning when you first arrive at school, at the beginning of class before your teacher starts the lesson, at the end of class, or during resource time. If you are nervous about approaching your teacher, talk to your school counselor, and they will help you arrange a meeting.

If you are feeling overwhelmed about your classes and you don't feel that working with your teacher will help, stop in and talk to your counselor about your options. Sometimes a little planning, help with organization or arranging for you to get some extra help is all it takes.

Don't panic. Your counselors are here to help!

Students in need of additional academic help can participate in DMS' Back on Track program.