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DMS Anti-Bullying Plan

Bullying is unacceptable at DMS. We have a comprehensive program and response system to address this behavior.

• Our response system starts with our core values of respect, responsibility and integrity. These core values are taught to the students and reinforced in almost everything we do at DMS. Beyond this, our students learn about bullying during homebase instruction. They learn about how to identify bullying and what to do to respond. They also learn about conflict resolution and other lifelong skills to help get along with others.

• The Dorseyville Middle School plan to address bullying follows the U.S. government’s recommendations to address bullying in schools. Check out the website at for excellent resources and information.

• When the school becomes aware of a bullying incident, we respond in multiple ways.

  • First, there is an investigation of the incident.
  • Second, we put into place a plan to address the behavior and the child who engaged in it. Our response can involve parent contact and traditional consequences such as detentions and suspension, and other steps such as the involvement of our guidance counselors, our conflict resolution team, our behavior specialist, and/or principals. It is our goal to not only address the behavior, but to also educate the student so that he or she does not engage in bullying again.

• What can you do if you child says they have been bullied?

  • First, clarify the situation. If this is a one-time incident, it is not bullying (though still reportable). See the U.S. government’s definition at:
  • Next, if it is bullying, report it to the school. You can tell your child’s teacher, guidance counselor or call a principal directly. Sometimes students and parents think that if they report an incident, the situation will get worse. We understand this concern, but please report the problem anyway. We are always discreet in dealing with problems, and if you child is telling you, then it is important enough to tell the school. We will work with you to deal the matter in the best way possible.
  • Lastly, check in with your child after the school has intervened. If another problem arises, please call the school again.

Report an Incident

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