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Back on Track

What is Back on Track (BOT)?

BOT is a secure, quiet, supervised atmosphere in which to complete work. Teachers can refer students to BOT to catch up on work from an absence, revise/redo work that was not of acceptable quality, make-up missed assignments, or complete or take assessments. Students who need to use a computer to complete their assignments will have access to the computer lab.

Is a teacher referral necessary?

A teacher referral IS NOT required. Students can, and often do, refer themselves to BOT. Typically a self-referral student chooses to stay for BOT because the BOT atmosphere is more conducive to completing homework than is home, where he/she might be tempted to watch TV, play, or ignore his/her homework altogether. A student who wishes to self-refer should email as early in the day as possible to get his/her name added to the BOT attendance list. There is also a link to bot@fcasd.eduin the weekly BOT announcement on Schoology. In the case of self-referrals, the student is responsible to notify his/her parent(s) that he/she is staying after and to secure a parent ride home if the student is not taking the activity bus.

How does my child get home after BOT?

Students have the option of riding the Activity Bus or getting a ride from a parent. There are 3 different activity bus routes. Please note that the activity bus stops are not the same as the regular bus stops. Since the activity bus travels a more general route than the regular morning and afternoon buses, some children get dropped off at stops that are up to six blocks from the regular stops. For the most part, the drivers will stop wherever the kids ask them to, as long as it is along the route. Parents picking up their child(ren) from BOT should arrive at the cafeteria side of DMS at 4:15 PM. You do not have to come inside to sign your child(ren) out.

How will I know if my child is staying for BOT?

In the case of a teacher referral, the referring teacher will contact you via phone or email to obtain your permission for your child(ren) to stay for BOT. Students who are self-referring are responsible for notifying their parents.

Can my child get tutored at BOT?

Although certified teachers supervise BOT, there are not sufficient personnel resources to provide tutoring services to students. Students can receive one-on-one assistance with assignments as necessary and available. This assistance is provided by the supervising teacher or by National Honor Society (NHS) students from the high school.

Is BOT the same as Detention?

BOT is not the same as detention! BOT is not a punishment. BOT is intended as an opportunity for students to get “Back on Track,” and to stay on track. DMS teachers and administrators have high, but not unrealistic, expectations for our students. BOT offers an additional opportunity for the students to meet those expectations.

What are the BOT dates for this school year?

Please refer to the 2023-2024 BOT schedule for a list of dates.