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Student Achievement & Recognition

Dorseyville Middle School will recognize students for academic achievements and celebrate those successes throughout the school year.

Here is the process that we will follow:

  • Awards will be based on a student’s GPA each grading period. Students must earn at least a 3.5 GPA for honor roll, or at least a 3.85 for high honor roll. Any “D” or “F” or “Incomplete” grade will exclude a student from the honor roll.
    • 4.0: Highest Honors Award
    • 3.99 - 3.85: High Honors Award
    • 3.84 - 3.50: Honor Roll
  • Awards will be distributed to students during homebase at the end of each of the first three grading periods, and parents will be notified via mail of their child’s accomplishments. Both awards AND parent notification will be done via mail for the fourth grading period, as grades do not close until after students have left for summer vacation.
  • Dorseyville Middle School will not hold an end-of-the-year Honors Assembly. In lieu of having an assembly (which previously occurred in June), students are being recognized at the end of each marking period, including the fourth marking period, which has not been included in past years.
  • Special awards that have previously been given to students for reasons beyond academics will continue to be delivered but will be done at a team function held during the day toward the end of the school year.