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Math Resources

Criteria Overview

The goal of the Fox Chapel Area School District Math Department is to place students in math courses in which they will be challenged while maximizing their potential to succeed. The math department identified key factors that increase a student’s likelihood to achieve success in advanced math classes. These key factors include:

  • Attributes. The classroom teacher uses a check off sheet to indicate if the student is below average, average, above average or top of the class for each attribute. Students must demonstrate a high level of competency (based on teacher observation) in the following areas:

1. Demonstration of higher-level thinking skills

2. Retention and application of concepts

3.Frequent qualification for accelerated learning experiences

4. Acceptance of the challenge of accelerated learning experiences

5. Performance on accelerated learning experiences

6. Display of proper mathematical procedures

7. Acquisition of new information

8. Academic independence/seeks help when needed

9. Demonstration of accurate computation skills

10. Explanation and justification of responses

B) Percentage of assignments completed on time

C) Math report card grades

D) Score on most recent PSSA test

E) Performance on curriculum-based assessment(s) (CBA)/Classroom Diagnostic Test (CDT)/STAR Math Test

Once a student is placed in an accelerated math course, he/she is required to maintain at least an 85% average in the

course. If the student earns a final course grade of 85% or above, he/she will progress to the next accelerated course in the recommended course pathway.